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Gun Owners' Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the storage fees?
Storage fees are 50¢ per item - per day, regardless of the make, model or size of the firearm. The fee is the same for a .22 caliber, 5-shot revolver, a semi-automatic assault rifle, ammunition and associated items.

Do you bill me every month?

What is an administration fee? Is that for each firearm?
An administration fee is a one-time fee for some services to you for all firearms owned by you which are in our possession. It is not charged per gun. It is charged to cover the costs of certified statutory notices that are required by law and which are associated with the handling and disposition of your guns. We must notify you by certified mail that your police department has surrendered your guns to us for storage, together with the a schedule of the fees for and terms of that storage. We must take and provide you with an inventory of the gun/guns, including the make, model, serial number and condition of each firearm and accessories. At some time there will be an ultimate disposition of your guns. They will either be returned to you by your police department and/or the courts or they will be liquidated by either sale at your direction or, in the case of a default by you, by sale at public auction. You will be notified by certified mail of the ultimate settlement. The administration fee helps cover the cost of certain services but does not including storage fees, disposition fees, and auctioneer's fees.

Your letter says I may "at any time" transfer my guns from your bonded firearms warehouse to a properly licensed individual or firearms dealer. What constitutes a "licensed" individual?
What constitutes a "properly licensed individual" depends on the type of firearms.

For handguns, a licensed individual must have a current Massachusetts License to Carry (pistol permit).

For rifles or long guns, an individual must have a current Massachusetts Firearms Identification Card. A Massachusetts pistol permit, however, covers both handguns and long guns.

What is the disposition fee?
The disposition fee is a standard charge of $20 per item to cover handling and processing of the item.

Do I have to pay a disposition fee for each gun?
Yes, $20 per gun.

What are the steps to transfer my guns to a licensed gun dealer or licensed individual? Written notice, signed and dated designating the transferee, along with payment in full via cash or credit card of all fees and charges. Personal checks are not accepted.

A friend of mine has a firearms license can I transfer my guns to him?

I want to sell my guns. Can you sell them for me?
No. We do not accept consignments. However, we can buy your guns at current wholesale prices predicated on condition.

I want to sell my guns but I want another gun dealer to handle it. How do I do that?
Simply write a note (sign and date it) instructing us to transfer the guns to a designated licensed dealer. We will compute the fees and transfer the guns to another firearms dealer upon payment in full of all fees via cash or credit card. No personal checks are accepted.

I just got my pistol permit back. How do I get my guns back?
A letter or a telephone call from your police department confirming your current license will suffice.

Got questions??? We've got answers. If you didn't get the answer here email us. We'll get right back to you with a comprehensive answer. And, if it's a good enough question we'll add it to this permanent list.

"We do it right... by the book!"

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